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Artificial Hanging Baskets

Artificial Hanging Baskets
1 November 2013 Charlie

We have a fabulous range of artificial hanging baskets we can provide to brighten up your home, business or office up simply and easily. We can provide artificial hanging baskets with Pansies, Cyclamen, Geraniums or Fuchsia.

Fuchsia hanging baskets Geranium Hanging Basket Cone pink/white Cyclamen Hanging Basket red


Our Pansy Artificial Hanging baskets is one of our most popular range with high quality pansies available in a Artificial Hanging Basket Pansy Ball style in a one single colour or a range of colours as shown below.


Pansy Hanging Ball in yellow Multi-Coloured Pansy Hanging Ball Multi-Coloured Pansy Hanging Ball


We also have a range of green foliage hanging baskets. We offer a small, medium and large hanging basket For more information or to order one of our Artificial Hanging baskets please click here or alternatively contact one of our sales team.

Please contact us for a chat about your requirements, email


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