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Artificial Plant Shop: Special Offers on Artificial Plants!

Artificial Plant Shop: Special Offers on Artificial Plants!
30 March 2016 Artificial Plants
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aplThe Artificial Plant Shop has some amazing outdoor artificial plants special offers as the great British Summer Time fast approaches. Are you excited? You should be.

We all know that gardening can be creative and rewarding past time, but the only snag that comes with it is the knowledge and hard work we need to do to keep on top of it all. So, if you’re on the hunt for some great-looking zero maintenance options or perhaps you’re new to the world of gardening, the Artificial Plants Shop has some fantastic special offers for you to check out this month.

And remember, the artificial plants featured here are just a fraction of what we have on offer on our website.

Our artificial outdoor plants will add a modern, sculptured and clean touch your garden. And if you want a make statement, we can make your garden bloom and become a stylish and chic haven all year long.

So, let’s just take a look at just some of the amazing deals we have for you.

Artificial-Cypress-Spiral-2-DoubleArtificial Cypress Double Spiral Tree


Fancy a change from the normal spiral trees? This beautiful double cypress spiral is just the ticket! The realistic foliage and interesting shape fits perfect together and is ideal for the outdoors!

Artificial Double Spiral 185cm H X 40cm Wide

Great for outdoor use!

Cypres-PyramidArtificial Deluxe Mini Leaf Boxwood Pyramid

This deluxe artificial boxwood mini leaf pyramid offers something a little different to our usual artificial boxwood pieces. It’s deluxe piece is because of the large amount of foliage it has and it’s a fantastic addition to our range!


Artificial-Grass-BallArtificial Grass Ball

£40.80 – £22.50

These 25cm artificial grass balls look brilliant in most window boxes or planters! The balls are built on a strong flexible plastic framework. For planting the balls have a hollow tube running through the middle making it easy to attach dowel, cane or a natural stem of the right size. If you would like us to do this for you we charge £7.00 per ball. Alternatively, you could wire them to something heavy placed inside the planter.


The Artificial Plant Shop provides stunning first class artificial plants, artificial trees and artificial topiary for the home and for the workplace. We have years of experience in providing our customers with quality items and products.

Forget extreme weather, poor light and difficult conditions, because outdoor artificial plants provide the perfect solution and require no maintenance of upkeep whatsoever.

Explore our site today to see what other artificial outdoor plants we have and if you have any questions about our products or need some advice, call us on 01661 871 481 or fill in our QUICK RESPONSE FORM HERE.

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