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How to make artificial plants for the home look real and amazing

How to make artificial plants for the home look real and amazing
4 November 2016 Artificial Plants
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Have you had enough of plants dying on you? Are you pushed for time and don’t have the patience for endless pruning? If the answer is yes, it may well be time to embrace the fake and discover the world of artificial plants for the home.

The Artificial Plants Shop is one of the world’s leading websites for artificial plants for the home and artificial flowers for the home and we thought it would be a jolly nice idea to show you how the artificial world can look just like the real deal.

Here are some top artificial plants tips to make your artificial plants stand out for all of the right reasons.

Be bold and make a big statement!

We have hundreds of amazing artificial plants for the home online today and it isn’t all just about potted palms. Think of the space you live in and if you have a big open lonely corner that could be filled, for example, then consider picking up one of our beautiful products across our extensive artificial plants and flowers range.

We also have some amazing flame retardant plants for you to consider as well as indoor artificial topiary.
The choice with artificial plants is getting bigger and bigger and we’ll have something online today to make you realise the creative in you.

Don’t forget to clean them!

Regardless of whether your plants are artificial or real, a dusty plant is never a good look. This is almost sacrilege in our world! Even a simple feather dusting will make a huge difference to the appearance of your artificial plants and artificial trees. If your product is quite large and has large build up of dirt, then a light spraying from a shower head or hose will often do the trick. Make sure, however, that you tip your plant to the side and direct water away from its container. Want to avoid those annoying spots? Drip dry your plant away from direct sunlight for the best results.

True Perfection has to be imperfect

The great thing about nature is that it doesn’t follow a plan or a path, it’s beauty comes from its irregular nature. When shopping with the Artificial Plants Shop, you’ll soon appreciate the diversity of our products. You can also embrace your DIY spirit and cut and bend stems to create arrangements that look real and lifelike.

Make the Artificial Plants Shop your next port of call!

OK, so we would say that. But we genuinely believe that we provide first class high-end artificial plants for the home. We have a stunning collection of artificial plants, trees and flowers.

Browse our website today and get inspired. If you want to chat about your options regarding artificial plants for the home, our team of experts are always at hand. EMAIL US HERE to get in touch or feel free to give us a call on 01661 871 481.

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