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Why you should decorate your home with artificial plants this winter

Why you should decorate your home with artificial plants this winter
12 November 2016 Artificial Plants
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The mornings are colder, the nights are longer and everybody has started shivering despite the protection afforded by their biggest coats and thickest pieces of knitwear. There’s no escaping it, winter is officially here. You may not realise it though, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about the greenery in your house and garden, thanks to our range of artificial plants for winter.

Now that the majority of the country has cranked up the central heating and started layering up in earnest it’s fair to say that gardening season is officially over for all but the most staunch and hardy of vegetable-loving allotment owners. As the leaves fall and a wispy frost stakes its claim to both front and back gardens for the foreseeable future, it’s more than understandable that mittens begin to replace gardening gloves lest those green fingers get too cold.

Thankfully though, we here at the Artificial Plant Shop have the perfect range of man-made foliage to keep your home and garden green and your mind at ease. That’s why we thought we’d gather a selection of some of the most vibrant, calming and pretty items in our collection of artificial plants for winter to add a splash of colour to your winter months.

  • Artificial flower displays
    Nothing brightens up the home more than a good spray of flowers. The right display can lift a room, soothe a mind and bring more joy than we probably realise, and that’s why it’s important to keep the house looking luscious with artificial plants during winter. We particularly recommend our Artificial Orchid Display, which comes in a stylish long glass vase, and our Artificial Hydrangea and Rose Jug display. The roses and hydrangeas create the feel of a sweet English garden all year round, whilst the jug display adds an extra touch of homeliness to warm the spirit.
  • Artificial trees
    Just because its cold and grey outside doesn’t mean that your garden can’t be evergreen this winter. As well as artificial plants for winter we also have a huge range of artificial trees that will prove striking on any patio or outdoor space. They’ll survive a frost or snow flurry, they can be strewn with fairy lights for Christmas, and they’ll generally add to landscape of any garden long after the ground thaws thanks to their low maintenance needs. The laid-back topiary of an Artificial Bay Ball Tree or two will effortlessly liven up patios, conservatories or other areas, whilst the vivid purple hues of a Natural Stem Replica Wisteria will add much needed colour to any room in the house.
  • Artificial Hanging Baskets
    The time may be approaching when every house in the country is festooned with holly wreathes, whimsical decorations and no end of flashing fairy lights, but before and after the magic of Christmas period there’s no denying that the outside of a house in winter can look very drab and lifeless indeed. That needn’t be the case though, not with a few of the Artificial Plant Shop’s artificial hanging baskets. To create an engaging colour theme with artificial plants this winter, you need look no further than our Flowering Fuschia Hanging Baskets, but if you want something even more striking then you can mix and match the colours of our Artificial Pansy Hanging Baskets to create a unique display.

    If you would like to place an order with the Artificial Plant Shop, or would like more information, then call our team today on 01661 871 481. You can also email us at
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