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Artificial Tropical Island

Artificial Tropical Island
3 February 2014 Charlie

Our Installation team have been busy yet again. This week they have created an Artificial Tropical Island in a redundant Jacuzzi.


Here at the artificial plant shop we worked closely with our client to ensure the tropical island was exactly what they had envisaged and met all there requirements. Our client sent the measurement of the Jacuzzi to us and we worked with them to choose which plants and trees were to be placed into the artificial tropical island. Once the trees had been chosen our installation team where sent to create the artificial tropical island. They filled the bottom of the old Jacuzzi with some poly foam board and then secured the trees in place and covered it with some decorative pebbles. The installation was done on one day at the most convenient time for the spa in order to ensure that their clients had as little disruption as possible. Our  team are happy to work around you so that you can carry out your day as normal while the plants, trees or hedge are being installed.

If you would like to create your own artificial tropical island or would like more information on our installation service, please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us for a chat about your requirements,email


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