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Bespoke Artificial Plant Arrangements

Bespoke Artificial Plant Arrangements
27 October 2014 Charlie
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This week our warehouse team have been doing something a little different, they have been creating bespoke artificial plant arrangements in some Giant Teacups.

Why? We were approached by an interior designer whose client had already had planters, in the shape of giant teacups. In which they desired to create a greenery effect without the hassle of maintaining real plants. They simply boxed the teacups up, sent them direct to our warehouse, were our team worked with the designer to come up with a final artificial plant arrangement in which our team, the designer and their client were happy with. The Tea cups were then reboxed and shipped back to the customer.

This unique Artificial Plant arrangement is pictured below. If you would like your own bespoke artificial plant arrangement in any existing planters you may have please feel free to get in touch.

Please contact us for a chat about your requirements,email


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