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Bespoke Roof Terrace Installation

Bespoke Roof Terrace Installation
11 June 2014 Charlie

Just back from a London based installation and we thought we would share the fruits of our labour with you!

A roof terrace space is what we had to work with and our client was looking for a relatively maintenance-free option, whilst still being able to retain a stylish entertaining space.

So with this in mind, we took to our drawing board and came up with a few samples of hanging baskets, a selection of hedging and differing troughs, and discussed at great length with the client as to what they were hoping to achieve.

The outcome of which was an artificial turf for the floor of the terrace, the premier lux variety in fact. The turf is photogenically reproduced to ensure a realistic appearance as well as being ideally colour matched to sync well with the boxwood hedging that was also installed and the green of the foliage in the hanging baskets.

The boxwood hedging was selected to frame the terrace and give an element of privacy to the entertaining area. We stock a wide range of troughs here at the artificial plant shop and we also create one of a kind pieces to add that extra element to your design, should you so wish.

The hanging baskets included pink and red geranium flowers, alongside a cedar fir and trailing ivy to add a splash of colour to the roof and tie in with the rest of the green foliage.

Both the installation team and the client were suitably enamoured with the end result: a contemporary and polished entertainment space. Job done!

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