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Best Selling Artificial Plants Review

Best Selling Artificial Plants Review
12 May 2017 Katherine Lingard
Artificial Bay Ball Tree UV

The Artificial Plants Shop Top 2 Sellers for 10 years!

The Artificial Plants Shop is over 10 years old so its fair to say we have been around for a wee while now as our Scottish MD would say! Our policy when sourcing stock has always been with one thing in mind – quality! We only sell products which we ourselves would use and feel match the high standards of the company. Although we have seen changes in trends over the 10 years there are several artificial product which have stood the test of time and year after year they are at the top of the best sellers list. Here are the top 2!

Number 1 – The Artificial Bay Ball Tree

Artificial Bay Ball Tree UV

Artificial Bay Ball Tree UV


This beautiful artificial Bay Ball Tree wins the prize, there is not a week goes by where these artificial bay trees aren’t flying out of the door. The most popular use is for either side of front door ways. They are unbelievably realistic and our customers are always absolutely delighted with the quality and value of these artificial trees. In my 10 years with the company I have never heard of a customer being anything but over the moon with the appearance, value and longevity of the products. This traditional piece I think will always be a part of our range! The single tree is £140 or buy a box of 2 for £250 Click here to view this product! As always FREE UK DELIVERY! 


Number 2 – The Artificial Pandanus Plant

Artificial Pandanus

Artificial Pandanus

The artificial pandanus is the polar opposite style to the artificial Bay tree featured above! This contemporary spiky plant is only similar to the bay in the fact that year after year its top of the best sellers chart. Its simple design and amazingly realistic leaves prove ever popular. Used in offices, restaurants and homes this plant is extremely versatile and can be used indoor and outdoors. The pandanus comes on a small round stabilizer base to be fixed into your existing planter or choose from our wide range of planters and we will plant them for you! The plant comes in 2 sizes with the 96cm being the most popular. Click here to buy

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