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Create your own safe eden with our Indoor artificial plants this winter

Create your own safe eden with our Indoor artificial plants this winter
14 December 2016 Artificial Plants
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Have you ever considered lifelike indoor artificial plants to transform your living space this winter? Artificial Plants Shop and our colossal range of artificial plants and trees will revolutionise the way you think about home décor and if you want a stunning and affordable look this season, we can help.

This time of year is chock full of Christmas shopping, endless wrapping, and family gatherings, so it can become difficult to keep on top of your normal house plants, made even harder by the fact natural light is so hard to come by at the moment.

But with artificial indoor plants none of this matters, as once you’ve ordered online and set up your new product, all you have to do is sit back and let your guests say “wow, is that real?”.

What makes indoor artificial plants such a good idea?

We all know that plants in the home come with lots of benefits, but we firmly believe that they’re presence are a necessity rather than a simple decoration.

The aesthetics that the indoor artificial plants we sell will provide a serene working and living atmosphere and it’s a known fact that by just looking at them, it can make us feel calm and relaxed. And how important is that this time of year?

Furthermore, for the students amongst us, there are studies which support the notion that a green environment, be it real of artificial, can help you perform better when you study or work from home.

Being around plants in the home can really help us and are renowned for being able to keep us mellow while reducing fatigue and stress so we think it’s vital to have them around.

Don’t forget about space!

This may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people buy artificial indoor plants from us and don’t think about where they’re going to put them or if they have enough space to place them in a certain spot. Make sure you do a little homework and know where you’re going to put it!

Christmas decorating – keep it safe and pretty!

Artificial Plant Shop stocks a range of flame residential artificial plants and flame resistant artificial trees. These are always a good idea over the Christmas with all of those extra lights around the home.

Make sure your artificial plants and trees are away from sources of heat like portable space heaters, radiators, and electrical outlets and if you have a large

plant or tree, take the time to ensure that it’s secured properly and won’t tip over.

Other top Christmas tips to keep you and your family safe…

Christmas lights
If they have cracked wires of they’re frayed they’re no good. Also, don’t overload your plugs and make sure indoor and outdoor lights are switched off before you go to sleep.

Christmas candles
It’s never a good idea to leave a room with candles in full flow. Make sure you extinguish them and you can always remove any worry about this by purchasing flameless candles.

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