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The Great Indoors: Buy Artificial Plants and Trees Online With Artificial Plant Shop!

The Great Indoors: Buy Artificial Plants and Trees Online With Artificial Plant Shop!
20 January 2017 Artificial Plants
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Searching for artificial plants and trees? Look no further. The Artificial Plant Shop has the ultimate online collection.

It’s undeniable that taking a leisurely stroll to your local market to buy fresh flowers is a great thing to do. But there’s one thing that this can’t be avoided, you’re buying a product that will eventually die on you.

That’s why life like artificial plants and trees are so big now and why millions of us Brits are swapping the living for the artificial house plant.

If you look after them properly, they can last a life time and can be the envy of your house guests when they mistake them for the real thing.

We have hundreds of artificial plants, artificial flowers and artificial trees to choose from and we know you’ll find something that will suit your taste and living spaces.

Let’s take a quick look at just some of our popular artificial plants and trees that will add colour, depth and hint of class to your home this winter.

Artificial Hanging Plants

It may not sound like an obvious choice, but bringing artificial plants and artificial hanging plants in particular into the home can provide a seriously eye-catching dash of green where you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to see it.

Artificial hanging plants can bring a quirky and unique appearance into your living room, for example, and we have a full range of them which come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

What’s more artificial hanging plants are ridiculously easy to manage and can be set up in both the home and office really easily.


Artificial Indoor Trees – The Artificial Ficus is a Top seller!

When it comes to artificial indoor trees, the Artificial Plant Shop provides our customers with the highest quality products available in the UK and we’re proud to be the first port call from thousands of people in this country and abroad.

And, with the winter in full swing, what better to brighten the darkest of days with an Artificial Ficus?

Below is one of our best sellers to give you some inspiration…

Artificial Ficus Tree – Cage Stem

Was £115 – £150 now only £110-£135!

This wonderful Artificial Ficus Cage Tree is available to buy in sizes 140cm or 170cm.

If you’re on the lookout for an artificial ficus feature plant this is the ultimate choice. Made in Europe with an intricate root stem these plants are selling fast. The stems are unusual to say the least, and will be sure to catch the eye and impress.

Buy beautiful Artificial Ficus Trees Online Today!

Artificial Flowers

Flowers are a regular fixture in homes up and the down the country and if you don’t have time to buy, look after, and make a trip to the market to buy them, artificial flowers provide the ultimate solution. 

Our artificial flowers will give you the chance you to add a fine slice of the outdoors into your office, home and you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive.

Our products are perfectly safe for allergy sufferers, are highly life-like and can be yours and be at your front door in just five days.

Placing a large order? Need beautiful artificial plants and trees. We have an installation service if you need us!

If you have any questions about this or our products don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’re available to field any questions Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

Call us on 01661 871 481 or drop us an email here.


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