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Orchids are the UK’s most popular plant: Artificial Plants Has Something Better!

Orchids are the UK’s most popular plant: Artificial Plants Has Something Better!
18 March 2016 Artificial Plants
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If you’re thinking about getting an orchid to add some grace and elegance to your home, artificial plants, and artificial orchids offer a beautiful and maintenance-free solution.

Why do we like Orchids so much? Well, the orchid has been the nation’s favourite house plant in recent years. In the 70s, believe it or not, the spider plant appeared in many living rooms, in the 80s the craze was the parlour palm and in the 90s it was the chrysanthemum. And now, according the Flowers and Plants Association, the phalaenopsis orchid is leading the way in the popularity charts and can be found on many a mantle piece.

There’s no doubting the beauty of orchids, but they can be quite expensive and tricky to maintain!

But with artificial plants, you can have all the splendour and beauty of an orchid without the hassle of looking after it!

All of our artificial plants look just like the real thing and will brighten up the dullest of rooms.

The History of the Orchid

Orchids first cropped up in the UK about three centuries ago, after church missionaries and explorers and brought back and gathered extremely rare tropical plants of the time for wealthy homeowners and collectors. Wild orchids, in their natural domain, are found growing on trees in Japan, the West Indies and South America, but now you can buy your beautiful artificial orchid online today from artificial plants!

Let’s take a look at just two of our artificial plants artificial orchids that we have in stock for you.

Large-OrchidsArtificial Orchid Display in Long Glass Vase



A wonderful plant, artificial orchids set in rectangular vase. The orchids are of exceptional quality making them extremely life-like.

Available in 44cm High or 30cm High.

Supplied potted in the pot shown here.

For indoor use only

We deliver within 48hrs but please allow 5-7 working days (excluding weekends).

Carriage Free (UK mainland only)

Do you have a question? Call 01661 871 481 Weekdays 9-5 or e-mail us whenever you like.

Artificial Orchid Display 2

Artificial Orchid Display 2

Orchid Display in Stone Effect Bowl



Beautiful Artificial Orchid Display in Stone Effect Planter – 85cm.

This is, without doubt, one of the most realistic artificial orchid displays money can buy. Because they’re so life-like you may think about watering them, but there’s no need! Artificial Silk flower look brilliant in the home and in any room.

85cm Overall Height

Suitable for the office, home or workplace. Perfect for those with allergies!

– Extremely Realistic

– Includes Planter as shown

– Suitable for indoor use

– Perfect for home, business or office use

– Free Delivery, usually within 48hours but please allow 5 -7 working days.

Remember, Artificial plants offer an installation service which is suitable for those who are placing large orders. Our team can visit your premises and will install them for you. Contact us for a quote today!


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