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Outdoor Artificial Plants: Buy the best with Artificial Plant Shop

Outdoor Artificial Plants: Buy the best with Artificial Plant Shop
27 January 2017 Artificial Plants
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If you’re looking to discover amazing outdoor artificial plants, the Artificial Plant Shop has it covered. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of happy customers throughout the UK and abroad get to artificial solutions they need to breath new life and eye-catching displays to their both outdoors and in.

This week, we’re going to review some of our most popular outdoor artificial plants to keep you in the loop and informed about what we have on offer.

And remember, if you’re a business owner and want a large outdoor artificial plants order, we provide a professional installation service so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Thanks to breakthroughs in outdoor artificial plants technology, there’s very little to choose between artificial plants and the real thing, at least in terms of their visual appearance.

Outdoor artificial plants come with many noticeable benefits. They for one are amazingly robust and will brighten most rooms and spaces. And, regardless of the quality of light that you may have in a given space, artificial plants will look good all of the time as they don’t rely on the sun’s natural light for them to flourish.

So, which outdoor artificial plants are hot property and in demand in Artificial Plant Shop world at the moment?

Let’s take a look at just some of them, but to view all of our outdoor products click here.

Artificial Boxwood Balls


Available in a variety of sizes.

Our Artificial Boxwood Balls look great, are long lasting and very durable. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, they look stunning in most planters and are completely UV resistant.

Built from an extremely strong and flexible plastic frame, Artificial Boxwood balls are one of our most sought after items. They look great, don’t they?


Artificial Boxwood Cone Trees


These are ready made and good to go!

Ready made artificial boxwood cones come hollow or we can attach a beautiful wood stem for you which will make planting your product far simpler. We can do this at a cost of just £10.00. Remember, they are extremely tough and no stranger to working well in the elements and exposed conditions.


Artificial Boxwood Hedging – Standard


Artificial boxwood hedging is extremely popular right now thanks to its versatility and striking, stylish appearance. It can also be created into any size or shape depending on your needs and taste. Businesses often use artificial boxwood hedging to create a barrier or artificial screen for maximum privacy and realism.



To see our full range of Artificial Boxwood Hedging, including Artificial Value Boxwood Hedging, Deluxe Artificial Boxwood Hedging and IFR Artificial Boxwood Hedging, click here.

Need to get in touch to discuss your options? No problem! Contact us now.

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