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Outdoor Artificial Trees: Say hello to the fake outdoors

Outdoor Artificial Trees: Say hello to the fake outdoors
19 October 2016 Artificial Plants
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Want to have beautiful Outdoor artificial trees to make your garden and outdoor space come alive this winter? You can create something stunning with lifelike artificial trees to give your home an elegant edge over your neighbours.

Never went down the artificial route before? The question that’s on everyone’s lips when it concerns artificial trees who haven’t gone artificial before is often this. Can artificial trees and artificial plants really replace our desire for “real” nature?

Why should have it too? Artificial plants and trees offer a modern, affordable and maintenance free solution for the average gardener and businesses nationwide and while we, of course, believe real nature has it’s rightful place, we also think there’s a home for the replica world as well!

Amazing installations are cropping up all over the country every day, and we’ve found something rather special to get your creative juices flowing.

Britain’s longest road tunnel, an 18 mile stretch between Sheffield and Manchester, may well be going through a major transformation soon.

In a bid to keep drivers calm and safe, the tunnel is set to feature a colossal range of artificial trees in the form of feature palm trees and could even boast fake clouds to keep people chilled while they work their way through the rush hour traffic.

The plans for the tunnel between Sheffield and Manchester have been unveiled by ministers who are searching for alternative ways to cut back on drivings developing tiredness, claustrophobia and disorientation.

When searching for some much-needed inspiration for the tunnel the members of the Government took a trip to China’s Zhongnanshan Tunnel as well as Norway’s Lærdal Tunnel.

Using a blue and yellow lighting to create an artificial sunrise in the Norwegian tunnel, drivers are reportedly a lot calmer when they travel through the revamped tunnel and the local tourism board believes the tunnel’s ambiance, described as romantic, has even led to people getting married in cavernous spaces off the main circuit as well as parties and live music gatherings.

The Chinese tunnel, on the other hand, drops an amazing 1,500 meters below ground and this time comes with artificial trees, artificial palm trees and artificial shrubs to keep drivers calm and relaxed.

The Chinese tunnel, which drops to more than 1,500 meters below ground, has fake clouds projected onto the roof and artificial palm trees and shrubs by the side of the road to relax drivers.

The UK’s transpennine road tunnel is now poised to be one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking road based projects since the creation of the major’s main motorways five decades ago.

As part of the government’s research, it has quoted that the use of spaces found in caverns is up there as an effective way to quell travellers’ worries on the road and the colours, patterns and lighting used in the Norwegian tunnel could well be helping to mitigate driver’s tiredness and disorientation on the road.

Do you want to discover the world of artificial trees and plants? Explore Artificial Plant Shops’ website today and see what we have in store for you. And remember if you need some advice and inspiration for your home or office, get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat about your options.

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