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Artificial IFR Areca Palms

Artificial IFR Areca Palms


Brand New Artificial IFR Areca Palms – These realistic Areca Palms are available in 2 different sizes and are all inherently fire resistant!

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The graceful Artificial IFR Areca Palms are brand new to our range and stand at 180cm (1.8m) and 240cm (2.4m). Not only do their light and gentle look add life to an area without taking over it, but they are also flame retardant, so cover all fire rating safety. The real version of this palm can only survive in very bright rooms, lucky for our customers this one can survive with little or any light –  artificial is definitely the way forward! The leaves on this palm are photographically reproduced making them the best quality available!

  • Inherently Fire Retardant Foliage
  • Realistic appearance – extremely good quality!
  • Elegant appearance
  • Small stabilizer pot 20cm diameter
  • Low maintenance – no watering
  • Ideal for situations of low light unlike real plants
  • Perfect for home/business/office use
  • Delivery normally within 10- 15 working days but please let us know if you require your order promptly and we will do our best to facilitate your needs!

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