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Artificial Lattice Foliage Screen

Artificial Lattice Foliage Screen


Artificial Lattice Foliage Screen

  • Indoor
  • UV protected
  • Timber backing

Artificial Lattice Foliage Screen

This Artificial Lattice Foliage Screen is 1m high x 2m wide per panel.

They are slightly bendable and can be fixed to existing fence or wall for an attractive screen.

They are UV protected and fit next to each other and can be tied cable ties or wire. This can ultimately make an attractive hedge. Further more the leaves are slightly variegated, because of this the hedge is more realistic. t

The foliage is a green maple leaf and there are different shades and sizes of leaf on each panel.

In conclusion when using the artificial lattice foliage panel we would suggest wearing gloves to avoid any slight cuts from staples when you are fitting it. When cutting you should always wear protective glasses, besides that the hedge is a very safe product.

We think it is a great value way to cover a balcony front. Putting this up would give you great privacy at an affordable price.

  • Out door Use
  • UV protected
  • Easy to install

Most importantly because of the UV structure we think this is an excellent addition to the range.

Should you wish to discuss installation with us please don’t hesitate to contact us

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