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Artificial Tulip Display in Vase

Artificial Tulip Display in Vase


Nothing says spring like Tulips!

35cm Tall


Artificial Tulip Display in Vase

The Artificial Tulip Display in Vase. Spring time is just about here, one of the top selling flowers at this time of year are Tulips. These artificial tulips are absolutely beautiful, they are stunningly realistic. You honestly need to feel them to know they aren’t real, even then they have whats known as a real touch material!

A simple was to bring life to your home or office without the cost of replacement on nearly a weekly basis! Enjoy them year after year, the only maintenance is light dusting when required.

There a proven links between productivity at work and general happiness when around flowers – Its the same with artificial flowers! Here is a great link on the benefits of having flowers around.

We offer an installation service that is popular with customers placing larger orders. Our highly skilled team will come to your premises and professionally install your artificial plants in a timely and efficient manner. Why not contact us for a quotation.

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