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Potted Artificial Fern Plant

Potted Artificial Fern Plant



Potted 55cm Artificial Fern Plant

This potted 55cm artificial fern plant is new to us for 2017.

Supplied in a small black plastic pot and has a total height of 55cm. The spread is circa 50cm.

This fern will look great in a tall square or tall tapered planter. We would sit the plant right at the top of the planter.

The plant would look good on its own and brilliant in a row.

Ferns are really popular at the moment . This artificial fern will be a huge hit we are sure.

The plant is made from silk with wire in the middle of the leaves.The wire makes the leaves manoeuvrable. This makes it easy to get the right look you after for the plant. The wire also makes in handy if the plant is in a corner and you want the display to face a certain direction.

The plant is an indoor plant and will look great in all areas of the home or office.

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