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It’s time to say goodbye summer and hello autumn with artificial flowers

It’s time to say goodbye summer and hello autumn with artificial flowers
6 October 2016 Artificial Plants
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Are you searching for artificial flowers and artificial plants? Are you in need of some inspiration for your home this autumn? The Artificial Plants Shop– one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of artificial flowers, plants and trees, is gearing up for a busy season and we’re here to help!

The summer time, albeit often a wet one in good old Blighty, takes its toll on plants and we believe one affordable, easy and beautiful way to replace them is with artificial flowers.

Your container arrangements and your garden are probably looking a little worn out at the minute, and you’re keen to make a good impression when your friends and guests walk through the door, but you don’t have the time to maintain the natural approach, artificial flowers offer an amazing alternative.

We think that the changing of the colours of plants and trees inspires a rustic look that appeals to most people and this time of year is the perfect one to inject a little style into both your outdoor spaces and home décor.

Why not dip into the autumn palette and pick up some low maintenance artificial flowers plants that come in autumn colours such as yellows, golds, deep greens, oranges and rusts?

By choosing artificial flowers that are different shades of yellow and orange, reds and browns you can create an inviting and warm centrepiece that can be featured on any table surface, such as your dining room table for example.

Do you have some pillar candles dotted around the house? Not sure what to do with them? Why not compliment your new artificial flowers display with some pillar candles that have cinnamon sticks tied around them with twine?

When the candles heat up and burn, the scent will fill the air giving you that beautiful smell of autumn without having the pay the earth!

And remember, artificial silk flowers are about to make a big comeback this year, and the Artificial Plants Shop can provide you with beautiful plants and stems that you can keep not only for this autumn season but for life.

Would you like to inject a little seasonal flair to your outdoor spaces? Why not consider a beautiful and weather resistant wreath? I know we often associate wreaths with Christmas, but you’re allowed to have them in autumn too.

We have an amazing range of wreaths online today along with an extensive range of artificial flowers and plans for both the outdoors and indoors.
Tell me more about the Artificial Plants Shop

If you buy your products from us, you’ll be selecting products from the preferred supplier of artificial flowers, plants and trees to the film and TV industry. Our current client list includes the likes of Buckingham Palace, The BBC, the X Factor and Ralph Lauren, to name but a few.

Regardless of the season, we’ll have a solution to brighten and add class for both outdoor and indoor use.

Explore our website today to find out more, and if you’d like a little inspiration pop us a call on 01661 871 481 or fill in our super quick online form here.

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